MONACORD is a branch of EUROCORD-Study housed at the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM). MONACORD is in charge of the International Sickle Cell Disease Observatory group.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a severe hereditary hemoglobin disorder, affecting patients of African origin mostly in emerging and developing countries.

The primary objective of MONACORD is to reduce barriers to care, burden of pain, end organ injury and premature death. For this purpose, we have established an international group to develop advanced highly targeted approaches to discovery and implementation of new interventions that will improve care and quality of life of affected patients with the objective to transfer these practices to countries with limited health care access.

MONACORD’s commitments:

Dedicated to the care and treatment of sickle cell disease, this study group will:

Monacord works in close collaboration with Eurocord study group located in Hospital Saint Louis in Paris.

For further information, please refer to Monacord website at the CSM :

Words of president
- Eliane Gluckman -

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Eurocord Monaco

MONACORD is a clinical research organisation, which has established at the Centre Scientifique de Monaco

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